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The Importance of Pediatric Medical Billing for Pediatricians

With the passage of time, the healthcare industry continues to become more complex than ever. Pediatricians face numerous challenges in managing their practices efficiently on a daily basis. Out of all the areas that demand your significant attention, medical billing tops the list. To maintain a proper revenue flow within your pediatric care, it is essential to do accurate and timely billing. Medical billing and providing exceptional patient care go hand in hand.

In this blog, let’s explore the importance of pediatric medical billing and highlight how partnering with a right medical billing partner like Eminence RCM can not only streamline your billing processes but also maximize revenue, and eliminate administrative burdens for pediatricians.

When we talk about medical billing, no step is completely straightforward, especially in the case of pediatrics. If there is no proper coding, modifiers, or changes in Medicaid rules, and payer guidelines, it can turn a simple office visit into a minefield of dependencies. Furthermore, staffing shortages and the challenge of finding qualified medical billers can exacerbate the stress of billing for pediatric practices.

When it comes to running a pediatric practice, it is about giving undivided attention to your little patients. You can no longer thrive and work efficiently using a generic, non-specialty specific EHR, also in the case of medical billing and revenue cycle management. You can’t handover the financial viability of your practice to the billing companies that don’t have a deep understanding of pediatrics.

Before we understand the importance of Pediatric Medical billing for Pediatricians, it is important to understand the challenges and the effective ways to solve them.

Challenges faced by Pediatricians in Medical Billing

Complexity of Billing Codes and Charts

All pediatric practices have to deal with complex billing codes, changing rules and regulations on a daily basis. In this scenario, it becomes important to stay updated with all the latest changes that take place within the healthcare industry. This especially includes the latest coding guidelines, particularly ICD-10-CM and CPT codes. It is crucial to ensure accurate billing and prevent claim denials.

Frequent Patient Visits and Preventive Care

In case of pediatric care, vaccines are integral. However, the administration and inventory management of medicines can pose various billing challenges. And if there are any mistakes in coding or under-coding, it can lead to missed reimbursements and reduced revenue for your practice.

Therefore, it is quite important to verify insurance coverage for preventive care services before each visit and maintain up-to-date patient records for healthy revenue cycle management.

Vaccine Administration and Management

When we talk about Pediatric care, vaccines are an integral part, but their administration and inventory management can pose various billing challenges. If there are any mistakes in coding or under-coding, it can lead to missed reimbursements and reduced revenue.

Therefore, it is essential to establish a vaccine management system for tracking inventory and to avoid any billing discrepancies. Your staff should be trained to code for vaccine administration accurately and document all necessary information without any errors.

Several Family Balances and Multiple Siblings

One of the most common scenarios in pediatric practices is multiple siblings receiving treatment under a single-family account. This adds to the multiplied confusion during the medical billing and collecting payments from families of patients.

Therefore, it is important to implement a practice management system which easily tracks family accounts and different balances. Payment policies should be effectively communicated to the families. Families should be encouraged to use convenient payment options.

Why is Pediatric Medical Billing So Important for Pediatricians

It is important for the Pediatricians to have calm and patient composure. The main reason behind this is that they deal with children. Moreover, to understand the sickness, they have to invest more time in their patients than other doctors. The biggest reason for it is that the patients are not mature enough.

The pediatrics are not able to make the pediatricians understand what they are going through. In these cases, the pediatricians have to rely on a lot of probing. In a similar manner, pediatricians rely a lot on the information that the patients’ guardians provide about the patients. Therefore, a Pediatric Medical Billing Service Provider is extremely important to look after all the administrative tasks of a healthcare.

Assistance to Manage All Patient Bills Smoothly

When you partner up with the right Pediatric Medical Billing Service Provider, like Eminence RCM, you will get the right technology and a team of experts to manage billing and payments for your pediatric practice. They help to keep track of payments received and due, as well as outstanding balances. You will be provided with detailed reports on billing activities. This will help you to track your pediatric practices’ progress. You will eventually get the best possible return from patients and the right reimbursement from the insurance companies.

Get Updated Information on a Regular Basis

It is very important for pediatricians to stay updated with the changing rules and guidelines. This ensures a smooth revenue cycle management. When you connect to the right medical billing company, you will be offered all the information in real time. In addition to this, as these medical billing providers are experts, they offer information quickly.

Helps the Staff to Focus on the Core Task

Pediatric Medical Billing Companies can take over various administrative tasks that were previously handled by the in-house team. These tasks include generating invoices and tracking payments. This can save the facility’s time and money. They can spend their valuable time focusing on the practice’s core mission of providing quality to the patients. Pediatric medical billing services by professionals like eminence RCM are especially designed to make the process easier for the doctors and insurance companies.

Better Denial Management

No matter how precise the billing and coding process of your medical billing team is, there are chances that the insurance company might deny the claim for numerous reasons. After the claim is denied, it is very important to understand why a claim was denied. To have a deep understanding, it is important to have constant follow-up with the insurance company to know why a claim was denied and make the necessary changes accordingly.

It is equally important to constantly follow up with the insurance companies through different mediums like - email, fax, as well as calling the customer service department of the insurance company. All this becomes much easier, quicker, and more effective if a medical billing company is deployed for handling the administrative tasks.

Key to Pediatric Billing Success

It is obvious that the good billing practices are critical for the financial success of your practice. It is true that outsourcing your medical billing can have a profound impact on your bottom line, but you must do your homework before choosing your Pediatric billing partner. Your preference should be to choose the one who understands pediatric billing and all of the nuances that come along.

Outsourcing your billing to a pediatric-specialty team of Eminence RCM can provide many benefits for your pediatric practice. If you’re looking for expert support to improve your pediatric practice’s efficiency and bottom line, consider outsourcing your billing to professionals. The results will leave you wondering why you didn’t get a coding and billing partner sooner.

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