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Acquire a Productive Revenue Cycle Management to Uplift the Growth of Your Practice with Premium Orthopedic Medical Billing and Coding

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Eliminate Administrative Burden – Outsource Orthopedics Medical Billing Services

Healthcare providers can maximize their reimbursement only when they manage the intricacies of orthopedic medical billing effortlessly. If not, the outcomes lead to revenue depletion and financial loss of the practice. Apart from that, handling administrative tasks together with musculoskeletal disorders enhances medical billing difficulties.

Orthopedics Billing Services

Augment the growth of your orthopedic practice with an outsourcing partner and achieve the desired financial posture.

Eminence RCM – your orthopedics medical billing partner, competent in identifying billing errors to offer best-in-class services

We care for the profitability of your practice with tailor-made solutions to errors in billing and claim denials. It's our responsibility to put an end to your administrative hassle with comprehensive solutions to the complications of billing.

Defeat The Challenges Of Orthopedics Medical Billing

Efficient and timely orthopedic medical billing demands the eradication of claim denials and rejections. A successful practice is one where all the aspects of medical billing are well taken care of with knowledge and expertise. Reduction in denial rates is the ultimate solution to strengthened revenue and upgraded patient care.

Eminence RCM understands this fact and takes absolute measures to accurately follow the claim submission process for the best medical billing results.

We not only ensure an amplified revenue cycle management but also focus on operational efficiency with regular checks, analysis and follow-up. Our team brings an amalgamation of advanced techniques and professional orthopedic medical billing.

Proficient Orthopedic Medical Billing Services With Eminence RCM

Eminence RCM contributes to orthopedic medical practice with the short-term and long-term goals of financial planning. With skillful codes and billers, our team handles ICD-9/10, CPT and HCPCS guidelines effortlessly. Our coders are also experts at E&M coding, and they use the best approach for payment collection.

Our team of professionals uplift your orthopedic practice by:

  • Reducing the Administrative Hassle
  • Pre-authorization and Patient Eligibility Verification
  • Medical Coding
  • AR Follow-Up and Denial Management
  • On-time Revenue Collection

Eminence RCM takes accountability for boosting your net collections by giving round-the-clock availability for all queries related to medical billing. We maintain this consistency by always staying updated with the latest regulatory compliances.

At Eminence - We take care of your orthopedic medical billing while you take care of your patients

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