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Core Areas That Impact The Overall Medical Billing Process

Eminence RCM is familiar with all the dimensions that can slow down the entire process of medical billing. Therefore, we won’t let you get trapped in the web of denials.

Account Receivables

Account receivables (AR) is one of the most crucial areas of medical billing as it directly impacts the cash flow. This calls for a logical system that needs to be placed for proper AR and Denial Management. This is where Eminence RCM enters the scene.

We offer a full suite of clinically integrated AR and Denial Management Services. Our service module is designed in such a manner that it effectively focuses on improving AR aging.

Our team of experts provides complete solutions to address difficulties of cash flow in healthcare account receivable management. Ideally, our aim lies in recovering the funds owed by the clients as quickly as possible.

With the technology-enabled methodology, our experts address complex accounts. We offer early-out and aged A/R services for payers and Medicaid A/R that solve reduced cash flow and slow client payment issues.

The ways in which Eminence RCM accelerates your cash flows and reduce AR days are mentioned hereunder:

  • Providing error-free clean-claims
  • Analysis of denied claims with scrutiny
  • Regular follow-up with patients
Denial Management

Denial management is the process of systematic gathering of data that is required to eliminate denials. Proper management reduces the number of denials which leads to improved revenue for the company. We gather important metrics and provide well-researched feedback to a provider which reduces the chances of denials in the future.

Minimization of denials can increase revenue by 10 to 20 percent. We understand that achieving these results from a denial management system requires a large amount of data to be processed and analyzed.

Our technologically advanced system measures all claims by payers and sets of data that are gathered help to fix issues that resulted in denials. Once the issues are fixed, this results in a smaller number of denials by payers and an increase in overall revenue.

We track every denied claim and collect information from the payer and physician possible. This data is presented in a manner that allows fast identification of ongoing trends.

It will help medical services to re-utilize claim rules that drive first-pass claim acceptance and decrease denied claims. If data collection and analysis are done in such a manner, this will lead to overall process improvement.

We know that you are looking for an excellent Denial Management System. And your wait is over! Eminence RCM is all set to provide you with the best!

Audit Management

Medical Billing Auditing is an organized process that examines and evaluates the effectiveness of clinical documentation. After checking all the records, the data submitted to payers is properly reviewed. It ensures that the practice identifies, monitors, and rectifies inappropriate billing practices. As aspects of billing affect the bottom line, highlighting potential compliance issues becomes crucial.

Efficient and highly skilled representatives at Eminence RCM are deployed to address the routine audits (Medicare Administrative Contractor, MAC) and/or Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC). All correspondence received from CMS is read carefully and all the information is provided without any delays. Audit Executives also include an explanatory note which refers to medical guidelines for the care provided to the patient.

Why Choose Eminence RCM As Your AR And Denial Management Partner

Are you ready to take decisions that are backed by accurate data? Choose Eminence RCM and get innovative methods to reduce claim denials.

Reasons to choose us

  • Eminence will regularly review patient data to ensure the accuracy of the records (policy numbers, billing information, deductibles, etc.)
  • A proper algorithm is followed to ensure that no claim falls through the cracks
  • Review past denied claims for potential denial trends and correct if there are any errors

Other services that you can expect, depending on your needs -

  • Staying compliant with billing & coding regulations
  • Monitoring cash flow for better revenue
  • Monitoring denial trends on a regular basis
  • Resolving denials to save you from resubmission
  • Keeping a proper track of deposited data

If you have reached this part of the information and are looking to avail of the AR and denial management services, you need not look any further.

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