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10 Major Challenges Faced During Neurology Medical Billing

Complex Neurology Billing, Simplified

“Don’t let neurology billing complexities disturb your neurology practice”

Neurology billing is considered as one of the most baffling tasks. Just like our brain is the most complex organ in the body, it has multiple genres of disorders. Every disorder has a unique CPT code, and it requires professionals to deal with it, on top of that it has a lot of intricacies, documentation and regulatory guidelines. A neurology billing company can help in smooth flow of paperwork and navigate through the complexities. As it takes a properly experienced neurosurgeon to treat any disorders related to the brain, it also requires professional expertise to file a claim. Eminence RCM is an organization that has the proper experience in the field of neurology billing. It provides its services to multiple organizations as well as individual practitioners.

10 Major Challenges Faced During Neurology Medical Billing

Neurologists always face some sort of discomfort when doing the medical billing. It is majorly because of such complex and vibrant range of disorders and their CPT codes. It is very difficult to document and deduce the codes of so many disorders. Imperfect billing leads to denials, delays and disputes which result in irritation for the practitioner. It is often suggested to go for a professional neurology billing service because they are experienced and experts at this. They will assure you that your claim is reimbursed on time without any disputes. This makes it easier for any practitioner as it takes a heavy load off their shoulders.

However, there are some tips that can be followed for a smooth journey through the complicated route of neurology Billing

1. Keep Yourself Updated With Ever Evolving Codes

With evolving technology & government amendments the codes also change accordingly. With every changing time, there will be some sort of authorization required or a new CPT code assigned.

2. Keep A Note Of Modifiers

keep a note whether the session/surgery was done individually or as a part of bundled service.

3. Comply With Guidelines:

Keep yourself up to date with the required regulatory compliance from both government and private players. Non-compliance will not only lead to denial but also fines.

4. Check For Prior Authorization

Neurology is a very complex treatment, and some procedures require prior authorization from the insurance companies. If you do not take the necessary actions, it may lead to denial.

5. Denials And Appeals

In the Neurology billing, surgeons often face denials due to some lack of paperwork or improper coding. For managing your claim efficiently, timely appeals should be done, and a contact must be made with the payer for appropriate reimbursement.

6. Necessity Of Treatment

Neurology billing often requires a medical necessity for getting reimbursed appropriately. They might require information about past health conditions of the patient to justify the treatment.

7. Adopt ICD 10-Coding

ICD 10 coding is a 7-character alpha-numeric code. Each code is assigned to a different treatment. This helps in error free coding and the chances of getting reimbursement increases.

8. Training Of Staff

If you have a staff member who takes care of billing for you, you must train them in the latest practices. The training should be free from any kind of disturbance. You should also train them in the billing and coding processes if you want to decrease the delays. A fee-for-value approach suits the best in these scenarios.

9. Check For Patient’s Benefits

During registration, it must be verified if the patient insurance covers the particular treatment. The exact code must be verified for an uninterrupted claim reimbursement. Medical history should also be accounted for with maximum accuracy.

10. Make Distance From Cloning Claims

Cloning claims refers to using the same documentation for multiple claims. If the insurance companies find out a pattern it may result in an audit which will be uncomfortable for you as well as your patients. Always make sure to do specific billing for every patient to avoid denials as it hampers your goodwill.

These are some tips that you can keep in mind while filing a claim, these will be very helpful for you. It will increase the reimbursement rate and maintain your revenue cycle. However, it is advised to always go for a medical billing service. It increases the chance of reimbursement to a very huge extent.

How Eminence RCM Can Help

Eminence RCM is a well-recognized name in the field of medical billing. We provide our services to multiple healthcare companies as well as individual practitioners. Eminence has a dedicated team of experts, who focus on all the paperwork and relieve you from the hassle. We will make sure that no claim of yours goes for approval with errors in any codes or non-compliance with any provisions. We have the highest reimbursement rates. We have proved ourselves and have a very strong and satisfied customer base.

The one and only goal of Eminence RCM is to increase your revenue cycle and take the hassle off your shoulders, so that you can focus on your practice and nothing else.

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