Top 10 Medical Billing Companies In USA

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Health care in the USA is extremely expensive and almost all the citizens have to rely on medical insurance. This makes Insurance companies a middleman between a patient and a healthcare provider. The implication of insurance companies has doubled the tasks as doctors & healthcare facilities are now dependent on insurance companies for their revenue. There is a procedure for billing the claims and getting reimbursements, and that requires precision in coding. Any fault in the coding procedures can be a reason for claim denials & physician’s scarce revenue cycle.

Where all the healthcare providers are already tied to the noble cause of saving the lives of people, filing their own medical bills can be a tiring and time-consuming process. This problem is solved by medical billing companies.

Medical Billing Companies through their medical billing process outsourcing assists practioners in the billing process and patient management. The expertise of these companies is in simplifying complex processes, complying with billing regulations and helping in optimizing the revenue cycle management.

Here are the Top 10 Medical Companies in USA

Eminence Healthcare Services

Eminence Healthcare Services is an independent and global revenue cycle management company. It provides specialized solutions to medical billing problems of small- and large-scale companies. This company believes in maintaining data integrity by being 100% HIPAA compliant and efficient in clean claims and smoother billing procedures. It has a team of leaders and experts who have expertise in every practice area and is also ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified. It claims to optimize workflows, lower denials and reduce errors in the processing of claims using analytics driven business approach.

With the idea that every client is unique, Eminence Healthcare Services personalize all its services according to the specific needs of its clients. There is a whole range of services provided by this medical billing company. These services include ensuring reimbursements by resolving workflow issues, dealing with complex data and identifying the source of cash leaks to stop them.

Here is a more detailed guide to the services of Eminence Healthcare services:

  • Phyician Billing Services: Every physician has to impart their services to many patients. Because of this physician billing is time consuming yet an obligatory process. Eminence Healthcare helps physicians in getting their reimbursements from the patients they have treated. It caters to the specific needs of the physicians and optimizes their financial performance. This is attainable with a regularly updated billing process and keeping up with the dynamic nature of the regulatory environment.
  • Hospital Billing Services: Eminence generates healthcare claims for the services rendered by healthcare providers and hospitals to patients. Hospital billing also includes laboratory tests and usage of special medical equipment. Hospital billing is done through a process which begins with registration followed by financial accountability. After the check-in and check-out procedure is done, claims are prepared and submitted.
  • DMEPOS services: Eminence is equipped with the Indepth knowledge of medical guideline, Medicaid and commercial plans. DMEPOS billing and billing services for DME or HME will save the precious time of the health practitioners and save them from this task.
  • Eligibility Authorization services: Eligibility authorization is done as there are regular policy changes and updates in the health plans of insurance companies. It is an insurance eligibility verification which is essential to check if the patient is covered under the new plan or not. By providing this service Eminence saves healthcare providers from rework, errors, delays and denials.
  • AR and Denials Management: Eminence regularly review patient data to ensure the accuracy of the records. It follows an algorithm to manage claim denials and analyze past denied claims to find out potential denied trends and make corrections.

5 Star Billing Services

5 Star Billing Services believes in reducing the workload of medical professionals by providing customer-specific services and optimizing revenue cycle management. Their expertise is in working with commercial and government payers. It is up to date with the latest procedures and codes and can handle Medicare ADR and state-specific logistics.

It is a small company that delivers services like patient input, electronic claim submission, payment posting, denial management and coding. Its consultative services are credentialing, negotiating insurance contracts and developing super bills.

The various services provided by this company are:

  • Medical Billing & Collection Services: It assists in determining the type of services needed by different practitioners with the help of an experienced medical billing and collection team.
  • Accounts Receivables Collections and Consulting: Consulting services are given for the large sum tied up in the aging accounts receivable and unacceptably high write-offs.
  • Medical Billing Consulting Services: The clients are routinely advised on integrated software solutions, and it is also ensured that HCFA mandates are followed.
  • Medical Coding & Claim Reimbursement: 5 Star has proper knowledge of medical coding and reimbursement methodologies. Its experts are aware of correct assignment of ICD-9, CPT, and/or HCPCS codes.
  • Medical Coding Audits: The previous medical records and coding are thoroughly analyzed in case of audit.
  • HIPAA Compliance and Consulting: 5 Star has implemented security measures to secure the data and it is fully compliant with HIPAA.


Founded in 1999 Carecloud formerly known as MTBC, is a healthcare technology company with over 1000 employees. The company has a cloud-based platform for revenue cycle management, practice management, electronic health record and patient experience management.

The cloud-based solutions of Carecloud help in optimizing practice performance and reducing operational costs. It also allows easy access to patients over iOS, android or desktop. You can increase your collections by 7% with the specialized back-office team that manages revenue cycle, claim submission and A/R follow-up.

The various services provided by Carecloud are:

  • Revenue Cycle Management: Their adaptive PM/EHR system strategy gives complete revenue cycle support. It’s a fully transparent company that delivers additional revenue-impacting services with the help of its RCM experts.
  • Patient Experience Mangement: Carecloud describes itself as modern, contactless, efficient and convenient in its patient management.
  • Practice Management: The automated tasks boost productivity along with streamlined workflow and increased revenue.
  • Healthcare Analytics: A business intelligence tool designed to analyze healthcare data and draw decisions based on that.
  • Electronic Health Records: It has quick access view to all the information about the patients, which saves time and money.
  • Workforce Extension: It is an extension of staff to enhance service quality and productivity. A flexible platform of technology to support growth.
  • Telehealth: Curated by keeping patients in mind with easy appointment management and patient reminders.
  • Interoperability: It is to set the standard for healthcare data exchange and eliminate data communication challenges.


DrChrono, founded in 2009, develops platforms and services for modern medical practices. It was the first EHR to build native apps for iPad and iPhone so that care is more informed, more interactive and more personalized. The products of this company are tailored to any medical practice whether small, large, enterprise or specialty.

The platform powers telehealth, electronic health record, practice management, medical billing and revenue cycle solutions to the physicians and patient. DrChoron is also fully expandable with robust API and marketplace for applications and services.

All the services provided by DrChrono are as follows:

  • Electronic Health records: It's an integrated platform with best-in-class tools such as free drawing, e-prescribing, lab ordering and medical speech to text which is also customizable to specific needs.
  • Practice management: You can schedule online appointments and send automated reminders for streamlined workflow and quick automation on iPad, iPhone or web.
  • Medical Billing: Integrated EHR and medical billing software saves time, improves clean claim rates, eliminates multiple data entry and human errors.
  • Revenue Cycle management: it is in the hands of knowledgeable billing experts who are aware of changing interesting trends and best practices.
  • Patient portal: it is a HIPAA compliant portal that encourages patient engagement and enables efficient patient onboarding.
  • Integrated payments: this system streamlines payment workflow, simplifies record keeping and accepts payments anytime anywhere.


AdvancedMD is South Jordan, Utah-based healthcare technology company that has 800 hundred employees. This company supports independent Physicians and their staff by offering high-end solutions to their medical billing problems.

AdvancedMD assists medical practices to improve productivity, enhance financial outcomes and manage greater patient volumes. Both healthcare providers and patients are able to connect and engage electronically by partnering with AdvancedMD. The software used is defined as refined, automated and all in one that enjoys transformational and unified workflow experience with synchronized information accessible to all.

The abundant services also include scheduling appointments based on physician availability, billing through powerful revenue tools and optimizing financial performance through insightful and accurate data.

More services provided are:

  • Professional services: With AdvancedMD you can create customized templates for keeping patient records and clinical summary. Their team has specialized skills and resources to give one on one personal coaching and solve challenging workflow problems. It is also PM and EHR certified.
  • Revenue cycle management: The entire revenue cycle is managed through technology, which is a cloud software bundle of front office, clinical patient engagement, reporting solutions and mobile apps.
  • Interoperability: It integrates medical practice system by interchanging data flawlessly and reducing the extra time spent on organizing task and patient data.
  • Financial reporting: AdvancedMD offers more than 150 standard reports and nearly 500 configurable reports to measure, manage and control practice revenue performance. Advanced reporting and analytics tools are used to measure revenue and maximize collections.
  • Electronic health records: The workflow is maintained through task donuts, patient's cards, customizable templates and clinical decision support.
  • Patient engagement: All the patient engagement is done through electronic modes. Reminders of appointments, consent forms of patients, patient messaging and patient education are all done through patient portals.


Kareo, a Tebra company, has 18 years of experience in business with 450000 active users managed through a workforce of 1000 employees. It is a cloud-based company for clinical and business management created with the purpose of simplifying the medical billing process for independent practices.

You can get started right away with Kareo by signing up and providing simple information about yourself. The created login will give you access to EHR. The paperless formatting of Kareo uses electronic charting, patient scheduling and billing to streamline the workflow.

Kareo focuses on patient communication to keep them connected for optimized care delivery and patient collection. The integrated technology always keeps front office, clinical and outsourcing billing teams on the same page.

Kareo provides the following solutions to its users:

  • Care Delivery: It is to allow an optimized care delivery workflow by introducing you to eight areas of practice where wasted time can be minimized or eliminated. This will increase revenue and improve patient outcomes.
  • Insurance Reimbursements: As the rejected and denied claims are loss of revenue Kareo has come up with a guide that provides tips and tricks to exceed the clean claims rate by 95 %.
  • Patient Collection: Patient Collection is a success plan when policies, technology and staff training are optimized. It is mastered by pre check in, eligibility verification and appointment reminders before the visit and unlimited emails and text balance reminders after the visit.
  • Patient Engagement: Kareo puts an emphasis on patient engagement and believes in improving patient's experience. Kareo’s guides mentioned on their websites will walk you through each touchpoint on how technology can enhance the whole patient experience.
  • Products: Kareo achieves effective and efficient support with Kareo Clinical, Kareo Engage, Kareo Billing for individuals and companies.


Formed in 1999, Revele has a mission to simplify the business of medicine with a vision to create growth and opportunity for its clients, employees and communities. It is a private company with 200 employees that has a specialization of hospitals and healthcare. It affirms to give integrated solutions for intelligent claim handling and performance consulting for a richer revenue cycle.

Revele believes that it is different from others because of its 20 plus years of experience. It also claims to have guaranteed revenue cycle results along with a 10% increase in cashflow. The end-to-end RCM service is focused on physician groups, large health systems and hospital networks.

The idea is to increase the reimbursement by modernizing the patient pay and collecting more with a dynamic accounts receivables methodology. The revenue cycle management is redefined by proactively analyzing the workflow and Key performance indicators.

Here are services provided by Revele:

  • RCM and Medical Billing: Revele has an operationally efficient team for medical coding consultation to handle the revenue cycle management and medical billing process.
  • Clinical Coding: Data analytics and insights are used to comply with the clinical coding to improve the payment velocity. Medical coding is done by Certified Professional Coders and medical coding Consultants to ensure accurate and ethical practices.
  • Patient Pay: REVELE Pay accelerates the patient cashflow by automating the entire patient billing process to increase the cashflow and streamline post service billing operations. It decreases patient bad debts by 50-70%, increase net collection rate to 86-95%.
  • AR and Denial Management: The revenue is recovered with a systematic, individualized denial methodology to drive measurable financial improvement through performance reporting and monitoring.
  • Healthcare Analytics: Revele outlines the performance by drawing conclusions based on comparison between itself and its competitors.
  • eClinicalWorks EHR: It’s a platform specially created for customized solutions to solve problems of Health records with the help of Optimization specialists.

4D Global

4D Global has emerged with the thought of building and sustaining high trust and high-performance culture. This company is moving forward by eliminating internal operation struggles like scattered growth and low-profit margins. It competes on the basis of value and puts people and processes above profit.

4D Global has an informed and experienced team to assist in reducing operating and capital costs as well as increasing cashflow and productivity. 4D Global has been honored with awards from Inc 5000, India’s Best Workplaces for Women, The Best Place to Work at the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Innovation Summit, and India's Great Mid-Size Workplace.

Services provided by 4D Global are:

  • Patient Demographics Entry and Charge Entry: a data entry team and quality control team are in charge of making all the entries correct. It makes sure that all the demographics are correctly entered.
  • Visit Coding: With knowledge of multi-specialty practices, 4D Global is well versed with matching CPT codes to diagnostic codes.
  • Payment Posting: the billing professionals of this company are well trained in EOB’s (Explanation of Benefits) across all payers posting manual or electronic payments.
  • Denial Management: It is efficient in identifying the root cause of denials, zero pays, claims reversals and works on the causes until the claim is closed.
  • A/R Follow-Up: An Internal Accounts Receivables Software is set up to analyze the outstanding receivables to effectively follow up with insurance companies.
  • Provider Credentialing: The process of credentialing is done by experienced staff where all the necessary documents and forms are carefully filled in and reviewed.
  • Credit Balance Resolution: 4D Global analysts are diligent and well trained in correcting incorrect adjustments, erroneous credits and misused debit codes.
  • Eligibility & Benefits: This company provides an essential service of gathering both eligibility and benefits before the patients visit.

Wrapping Up!

These are the top 10 Medical Billing Companies that can help you in intensifying your revenue cycle management. But among these companies Eminence Healthcare services is one of the best services that you can choose to amplify your earnings.

Eminence RCM dedicatedly improves service delivery, reduced operational costs, increased ROI, and maximized efficiency. We understand the importance of professional billing services and that is what helps us maintain & improve our proficiency.

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