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Understanding Urgent Care Billing 

Urgent care billing encompasses activities involved in submitting claims, ensuring all necessary documentation is complete and medically justified. This includes diligent follow-up on claims, making necessary adjustments, adhering to timely filing limits, and managing accounts receivable collections. 

Outsource Urgent Care Billing to Eminence RCM 

At Eminence RCM, we specialize in urgent care billing with a dedicated and experienced team. Our comprehensive services include versatile support, account management, and clear communication. We aim to reduce your operational costs and significantly improve your cash flow. 

Challenges in Urgent Care Billing Services

Variable Contract Rates:

Urgent care centers often operate on flat fee-per-service models. Eminence RCM assists in negotiating better reimbursement rates with insurance companies. 


Credentialing for urgent care can be complex, requiring specific certifications without which insurance companies won't issue contracts. 

Coding and Compliance:  

Urgent care billing involves unique rules and regulations, including specific certifications from UCOA. Accurate coding is crucial for upfront collections since patients typically do not return frequently, unlike in primary care. 

Distinct Billing Processes:  

Insurance companies have distinct guidelines for urgent care billing, requiring the use of specific codes unique to urgent care centers for proper payment. 

How Can Eminence RCM Assist? 

Looking for a reliable urgent care billing partner?

Eminence RCM can streamline your billing processes, allowing you to focus on patient care. 

Increased Efficiency 

We enhance efficiency at every stage of patient care. 

Coding Accuracy 

We ensure 100% review of charts to report the correct codes based on the latest regulations.

Enhanced Patient Experience 

From scheduling to checkout, we ensure a seamless patient experience. 

Credentialing Support 

We negotiate with top insurance companies to secure the best rates and contracts.

Improved Collections 

Our systems are designed to maximize reimbursements. 

Best Practices

We implement best practices and policies to maintain compliance and efficiency. 

Let the Experts Handle Urgent Care Billing for You! 

Managing every specialized aspect of the revenue cycle process can be challenging for an in-house billing team. Outsourcing your RCM services is an effective and efficient solution. 

Contact Eminence RCM to manage your end-to-end RCM process, ensuring the financial health of your urgent care practice. 

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