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What is Physician Billing?

On average, a person visits their doctor at least 4 times a year. According to a CDC report, the collective annual physician visits are over 1.0 billion. Reviewing patient forms and submitting payment claims for such a large number of patients is extremely time-consuming but a mandatory part of a healthcare provider’s business.

Physician Billing bills claims to get reimbursements for medical services provided by physicians to insured patients. It also bills suppliers and non-institutional providers for their services.

As a healthcare provider, you’ve got a lot on your plate. To take off your physician billing woes away, Eminence Healthcare Services provides its medical billing services tailored to suit your facility’s specific needs.

Proficient Provider of Physician Billing Services

With our expertise and experience across specialties, we provide customized physician medical billing services to suit your practice’s unique needs & optimize its financial performance.

Our advanced physician billing and coding services suite provides your practice with the support it requires. Our efficient team regularly updates our billing processes for adapting to the ever-changing regulatory environment to maximize reimbursement. Regardless of the size of your healthcare facility, we provide incomparable physician billing services to enhance your practice’s revenue & to be partners in your growth.

Our Specialized Services

We provide efficient medical practice management solutions to physicians and physician specialties. We provide customized billing & coding solutions to help you file proper claims, keep your cash flow positive, and boost your income.

Account Management

Our expert account managers work hard to make your medical practice lucrative and sustainable. These account managers ensure that every filed claim is clean. All the queries from patients, the front office, and insurance companies are handled by them. Together with this they analyze the shortcomings and support the entire process of payment posting. They also prepare and review patient statements along with reporting unmanageable accounts. They are well aware of the medical billing and coding process and that is why they can effectively manage all accounts. Maintaining confidentiality and following all HIPAA rules are a part of their proficiency. They systematically manage a team of billing specialists who assist in meeting medical billing requirements. 

Medical Coding

Our certified medical coding specialists work meticulously to guarantee correct and maximum reimbursement. These expert coders eliminate the coding intricacies to streamline the operational flow and enhance reimbursement. They verify patient details with precision and review all data for complete accuracy. Under their control, your practice will never face over or under-coding. Along with this, they eliminate the scope of manual errors or missing details. They understand the dynamic nature of medical billing and keep themselves up to date with essential coding guidelines. The core of their specialty is all types of codes and modifiers (CPT codes, ICD-10 codes, modifier 25, and many more). They dedicate all their time to eradicating coding complexities to boost the bottom line.

Medical Billing

Our superior medical billing staff expedites the process by entering charges, submitting claims & posting payments on time. These knowledgeable medical billers are in charge of all steps in the medical billing process. From patient registration to receiving reimbursement, these experts assist you throughout the process. They take care of aspects such as denial management, A/R management, follow-up on claim processing, and tracking revenue. They play a vital part in handling medical billing complexities and leading the healthcare practice to financial stability. Apart from this, they ensure that a healthcare practice complies with all regulatory standards. They ensure the safety of sensitive patient data by imposing necessary safeguards. All in all, they are the pillar to support complex medical billing processes and yield productive results.  

A/R Management

Our A/R staff actively follows up on all claims, identifies unpaid claims, and scrutinizes inaccuracies with a keen eye to ensure appropriate payouts. A/R tracking is carried out through the medical billing process and our staff takes complete responsibility for it. From submitting claims to receiving reimbursement, the staff handles the overall A/R cycle. As a result, they can identify the shortcomings and take appropriate measures to correct them. The staff reviews the healthcare practice’s financial health by measuring the days in accounts receivable. They analyze the key performance indicators (KPI) and acquire the average number of days to collect payments for services rendered. They impose comprehensive strategies and controls to collect outstanding payments and avoid AR accumulations. 

Claims Settlement

While you focus on patient care, we handle claims. Our team works tirelessly to provide the maximum possible return on claims.They dedicate their time to managing claims systematically while resolving any issues if they may arise. They understand the critical landscape of medical billing and handle it with proficiency. Right from claim filing to the final settlement or denials, the team assists at every step. They ensure that healthcare providers don’t get to bear any financial loss. Their effective claim management leads to adequate compensation and complete satisfaction. These team members are a bridge between healthcare providers and insurance companies. That is why they play a crucial role in communicating clearly and yielding results. They bring their expertise to optimize revenue cycle management and improve operations.

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