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Get Customized Pediatrics Billing Services With An Experienced Outsourcing Medical Billing Partner

On average, pediatric specialists spend more time providing healthcare to patients. This unique challenge is posed as the care is extended to infants, children and adolescents. The wide range of this specialty includes diagnosis, treatment and preventive medical care for everyone up to the age of 21. One element that separates pediatrics in terms of medical billing is vaccines.

Pediatrics Billing Services

Get appropriate revenue and maintain vaccination records for accurate medical billing to reduce the hassle of perplexing modifiers.

Eminence RCM – your promising billing and coding partner to handle the difficulties of medical billing for the specialty of pediatrics.

Our team of experts provides successful revenue cycle management. It improves profitability with specialized follow-up solutions to coding and billing errors.

Address Pediatric Billing Issues With Extensive Medical Billing Services

Multiple pediatric medical billing issues are the reason for stress for healthcare providers. Normal visits and pediatric therapy together make the process of medical billing more challenging and harder to handle. Errors in vaccination codes lead to financial instability which disrupts the workflow of the practice.

For a streamlined revenue cycle, identifying the following complexities is essential:

  • Complicated Specialty Specific Codes
  • Documentation of Vaccines and Management
  • Regular Visits and Preventive Care
  • Multiple Siblings Under One Family Account
  • Frequent Changes in Insurance Coverage

Eminence RCM – eliminates the challenges of pediatric medical Billing by offering strategic solutions. We provide tailor-made services based on the size of your pediatric practice for absolute operational efficiency.

Optimize The Revenue Of Your Practice With Eminence RCM

When it comes to pediatric medical billing services, Eminence RCM pays extra attention to detail for the elimination of errors and rectification of rejected claims. Our team of billers and coders is equipped with ICD 10 and CPT codes to ensure accurate claim submission.

Our team of Professionals provides complete and time and quality to attain maximum results. It focuses on claim remittance with an evidence-based approach.

With years of experience, we have become proficient in prior authorizations, claim submission, accounts receivable, denials management, and credentialing services.

A deep knowledge of E&M codes sets us apart, making Eminence RCM your ultimate pediatric medical billing partner.

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