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Benefit From The Expertise Of Professionals – Outsource OB/GYN Billing Services

Although obstetrics and gynecology are part of similar fields of medicine, they are very different in terms of diagnosis, treatments, and procedures. The treatment given to a multitude of patients every day includes distinct devices, medicines lab tests. Managing all this is already time-consuming, leaving little to no time for the administrative tasks of medical billing and coding.

OB GYN Billing Services

On the other hand, ever-evolving guidelines require OB/GYN practitioners to stay updated at all times. Handling two complex tasks together is no less than a hassle. It is also a cause of stress for the healthcare providers.

An outsourcing partner is a perfect tool to eliminate this inconvenience and improve the financial performance of the practice.

Eminence RCM – Your perfect partner to elevate OB/GYN medical billing and take your practice to the next level of enhanced revenue line.

Navigate The Unique Complexities Of OB/GYN Medical Billing

The road to operational efficiency and maximum reimbursement is full of bumps and difficulties. These challenges prevent OB/GYN practitioners from focusing on their core responsibility of providing the best care to the patients.

Handling different CPT codes for every OB/GYN is not the only complexity of medical billing. Other challenges that hamper the financial interest of the practice includes:

  • Coding for a Wide Range of Procedures and Surgeries
  • Insurance Coverage for Package Care Services
  • Verification of Insurance Policies
  • Documentation of Patient Records
  • Compliance with Various Billing and Coding Guidelines
  • Complex Fee Schedules for Procedures, Consultations and Follow Up Visits
  • Keeping Up with Constantly Changing Guidelines

Eminence RCM handles these challenges with precision and maximizes the revenue cycle along with operational workflow.

Upgrade The Bottom Line Of OB/GYN Medical Billing With Eminence RCM

The expert team of Eminence RCM is well-versed in the medical branch of obstetrics and gynecology. Our team specializes in all the CPT codes for OB/GYN for various procedures of patient care.

With Eminence, you can give more time to your busy practice while the rest is managed efficiently. Our complete billing solutions include:

  • Patient scheduling
  • Insurance verification 
  • Insurance authorization
  • Coding and audits
  • Patient collections
  • A/R follow up

Eminence RCM ensures enhanced productivity by eliminating the time spent on administrative work with a wide range of services. Along with that, we also provide detailed reports on performance to keep our service as transparent as we can.

Get automated processes, structured denial management, errorless reporting and efficient data visibility with Eminence RCM.

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