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Hematology Billing Services

Let’s Understand Hematology Billing

When we talk about the field of Hematology, we are not just referring to non-malignant blood disorders but also to the patients who have malignancies like Leukemia. The combination of both these things makes Hematology a more complex field for medical billing and coding.

To enhance your revenue stream in your Hematology practice, the best way is to outsource the administrative burden to the experts. Eminence RCM is one such reliable choice when it comes to selecting a medical billing partner.

Why Your Hematology Practice Needs Professional Billing Solutions

When it comes to medical billing, no field of medicine is simple. Similarly, Hematology has its own complications when it comes to coding and billing that need to be specifically addressed. The practice will automatically thrive when it is handed over to the experts.

The Reasons Why Your Hematology Practice Needs Professional Billing Solutions:

Malignant And Non-Malignant Diseases Combined:

There are times when a hematologist treats a patient just for anemia with no other complications, but there are conditions when a patient has leukemia or other extreme situations. These cases make billing complex, and it becomes difficult to avoid the rejections of claims. To combat these issues, teaming with an expert outsourcing company like Eminence RCM is very important.

Complexities in Treatment:

Treatments in Hematology often involve a series of tasks, which further complicates the process of coding and billing for healthcare practices. Here, a medical billing company comes onto the scene and plays a vital role in taking over the burden from healthcare providers and helping to deal with all the complexities.

High-Ticket Claim Items:

Hematology is a specialty that deals with serious diseases and demands your constant attention throughout the process. The various items that are billed might be quite expensive. This means that when a practice is losing income from a single claim, it can be a substantial loss of revenue.

To avoid such heavy losses, you need a reliable medical billing partner by your side. Eminence RCM can be an ideal solution.

Broad Range Of Services By Eminence RCM In Hematology Billing

To Free Up Your Time And Resources, Our Hematology Billing Serves You With -

  • Appropriate modifiers and procedures as per specific payer guidelines

  • Knowledge of the rules and regulations of Medicare billing

  • Assignment of CPT Codes for procedures rendered

  • Secure and accurate electronic claims submission

  • Aggressive payment collection and follow up

  • Tracking of coding changes and updates, like ICD-10

  • Performing system-based claims scrubbing

  • Conducting regular quality assurance checks 

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