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Typical Issues In Emergency Room Billing

Credentialing Issue

Emergency Room requires expert medical billing solutions because of the complexities in billing and coding. Credentialing difficulties are highly common in healthcare. Obviously, the procedure of healthcare provider credentialing must be a major compliance concern for medical professionals. Ensuring proper credentialing of most of the regular specialists with common payers in the region improves the reimbursements you receive.

Emergency Room Billing Services

Finding The Right ED Coders

For ED coders there is a dual responsibility for accurate coding and properly identifying DNFB cases. They need to closely work with physicians to reduce DNFB. Also, possessing the ability to understand trends and patterns in clinical documentation and charges is important.

Understanding Medical Necessity

One major thing is to understand the criteria that determine "medical necessity" to code for the various levels. It is essential to stay updated with the rules of emergency room billing as it keeps on changing rapidly. Many insurance plans pay unexpected benefits as per a plan and majorly entertain contracting ER doctors. It is essential to understand the medical necessity of the codes that are to be used.

Common Procedures in Emergency Room Medical Billing

  • Insurance Eligibility and Verification
  • Demographics and Charge Entry
  • Co-payments and Deductibles
  • Patient pre-certification or pre-authorizations
  • Filing Timely Claims
  • Out of Network Negotiations
  • Reimbursement for the Services Rendered
  • Emergency Room billing and collection services
  • Denials Management

Why Choose Eminence RCM as your Emergency Room Billing Service Provider

Eminence RCM offers a comprehensive range of RCM and medical billing solutions to meet the exclusive needs of healthcare organizations. Eminence RCM has proven experience of working with every kind of healthcare provider, irrespective of the size of the organization.

Below are the points to prove why Eminence RCM is a right choice for your healthcare:

  • Primary focus on reducing front-end denials
  • Improve the correctness of Coding
  • Increasing the revenue collection capacity of healthcare
  • Use of latest technology & tools for billing

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