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What Is Eligibility & Authorization Services?

Eligibility & insurance verification is critical in the medical billing process. Having prompt and accurate determination of the patient’s eligibility provides healthcare providers with a clear view of the patient’s coverage, benefits, and payment obligations.

With a seamless eligibility verification process, healthcare facilities can submit claims effectively & streamline their medical billing process. This helps them avoid claim resubmission, reduces demographic or eligibility-related rejections or denials, and increases upfront collections that improve patient satisfaction.

Convenient Pre-Authorization Services For Multiple Healthcare Facilities

Our team of experts helps you accelerate your Accounts Receivables cycle. We confirm the patient’s eligibility & obtain necessary prior authorization before his/her visit to your healthcare facility.

Our eligibility verification process is -

Patient Scheduling

We streamline the scheduling process to a greater extent. We automate administrative tasks such as appointment reminders through text, call, email, & rescheduling of cancelled appointments.

Patient Enrolment

Our team understands the importance of demographic data as well as the diagnosis, allergies, and medical history of a patient. Our team is adept at recording essential information under specific heads.

Eligibility Verification

We lay emphasis on a robust insurance eligibility verification process to solve issues like delayed payments, billing errors, and non-payment.


We assist payers in confirming whether a particular medication or procedure will be approved. While your undivided focus is on patient care, we take care of the approval process for you.

Collating Accurate Information

We contact patients to collate accurate patient data including basic information, health records, and contact information to assist your healthcare facility with a hassle-free consultation.

Sophisticated Billing System

We use an advanced verification system to retrieve a patient’s insurance card and verify patient eligibility to avoid claims with subsequent visits.

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