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Durable Medical Equipment (DME) billing is an industry with ever-changing payor policies, reimbursement regulations and compliance. Working through these updates and processes on your own can be frustrating if you’re not up to date with industry requirements. For the best results, your business needs to work with a trusted industry partner who understands DME billing with precision.

Eminence RCM is one of the top DME billing companies with a proven approach to DME billing. Choosing Eminence RCM as a DME Billing service provider means you’ll be navigated through the process of document review, claims submission, accounts receivable, and cash posting. The aim is to cut down the denials while streamlining your revenue cycle through our professional DME billing service.

How Eminence RCM Will Help Impart Professional DME Billing Services

Eminence RCM is a Durable Medical Equipment billing company that specializes in DME billing solutions, which helps us stay updated with industry information. Our staff is knowledgeable of the latest DME policies, guidelines and what impact they have on your claims. Our vast industry knowledge helps the clients to navigate changes in the industry which ultimately increases effectiveness.

Throughout our partnership, the entire staff of a healthcare services provider is supported by proper payor guidelines and policies. Eminence Healthcare Services will help your company meet its goals by being a source of ongoing education.

What Does Eminence RCM Offer As A DME Billing Company?

Eminence has a unique and effective approach to DME billing. Our DME Medical billing services are aggressively supported by an entire department within our company which makes your provider paperwork accurate and compliant.

Our process for DME billing comprises of:


When we receive a claim, our staff physically reviews it, checking for compliance with payor policy and accuracy. If there is a problem, we’ll get in touch with your contact person for immediate resolution. This process not only catches issues at its early stages but also provides a wide learning opportunity for your staff.

Accounts Receivable:

Our well-equipped collections department efficiently examines each entry to make sure that cash posting is accurate. They address any problems that may affect cash flow, including denials, AR issues, and payor policy changes.

The entire process of DME billing is handled with accuracy and efficiency. More than that, the solutions are flexible, so your DME billing services will be tailored specifically for your company. This will ensure that you get the services you need.

To ensure timeliness, we’ll be available by phone and email at every step.

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When it comes to Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Billing Services company, Eminence RCM is a trusted name. The primary focus of Eminence RCM is to work on your DME revenue cycle management. This allows us to serve healthcare providers in a dedicated manner. The team will ensure that your DME billing is reviewed for accuracy, your AR is turned into cash, and other vital tasks that drive results are taken care of. Eminence RCM is all set to offer timely financial reporting based on the specific needs of healthcare providers.

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