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Anesthesiology manages the absolute preoperative of patients prior, during, and after medical procedure. The specialty's center component is the utilization of sedation and sedatives to securely uphold the imperative capabilities through the Preoperative period.

Anesthesiology means giving patients a mild sedative that will help them in the operating phase by keeping them numb. The billing of Anesthesia is very critical because some treatments require less anesthesia, and some require more. Some operations require only a body part to be numb whereas, in some treatments, the whole body needs to be anesthetized. This makes the whole billing process complex and difficult. To maintain a record, one needs to have accurate knowledge of all the codes that go with the different use of anesthesia.

The success of an anesthesiology services largely depends on its ability to generate & collect revenue. The ingredients for successful anesthesia billing include an experienced and trained revenue cycle team, specialty-specific billing software, and compliant billing practices. Outsourcing your billing & coding to Eminence healthcare services will help shift your focus to offering improved patient care. Eminence Healthcare has a team of experts who receive specialized training in billing for anesthesiology services.

We are professionals who have ample expertise in the field of anesthesia billing. We can guide you through the complete billing process and will make sure that your claims get reimbursed. With a proven record of medical billing efficiency, we can spot mistakes easily that have helped many of our clients to file efficient claims. Eminence RCM makes sure that all your documentation is completed and there is no scope for denial.

There are various degrees of Anesthesia suppliers - the Anesthesiologists, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA), and Anesthesiologist Assistants (AA). They take on a basic job in figuring out the patient's set of experiences and conditions.

Anesthesia Billing Services

Anesthesia Transition Management

  • A detailed review of specific practice configuration and requirements.
  • Analysis of lost revenue potential
  • Review and assessment of forms and information flow
  • Development of written billing guidelines and policies
  • Provider documentation and compliance in-services and ongoing education
  • Discussion and recommendations regarding management information requirements

Compliant Anesthesiology Billing Processes

  • Optimization of charge submission process
  • Fee Schedule analysis
  • Managed Care contract review
  • Electronic claims filing and payment posting
  • CPT, ASA and ICD-9 coding
  • Regular feedback on quality and provider charge documentation consistency
  • Extensive regular interaction with practice management staff
  • Provider enrollment with carriers
  • Insurance payment verification and automatic underpayment review
  • Extensive management reporting options

Anesthesia Reimbursement Follow Up

  • Timely and aggressive follow-up with insurance plans and patients
  • Regular interaction with clients via phone and in person
  • Budgeting and performance review
  • Consistent delinquency management
  • Refund management
  • Payer performance monitoring

Anesthesiology Compliance

  • Compliance in-service for all providers
  • Compliant billing services
  • Assistance with Client’s Compliance Plan, if desired

Anesthesiology Client Services

  • All clients are supported by a team of anesthesia account professionals
  • Management information can be provided by means of any of a number of options including hard copy, e-mail, on line or dashboard
  • One call client support for any ad hoc analysis
  • Payer contract review and negotiation support
  • Assistance in hospital relationships and contracting
  • Benchmark data and practice comparisons

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