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Ambulatory Surgical Centers

Services Covered Under ASC Reimbursement

One thing to keep in mind is that the services covered depend on the type of facility. Common Services covered under ASC are:

  • Non-Implantable Durable Medical Equipment
  • Leg, Arm, Back and Neck Braces
  • Physician’s Services
  • Prosthetic Devices
  • Independent Laboratory Services
  • Ambulance Services
  • Artificial Legs, Arm, and Eyes
  • Implantable Durable Medical Equipment

Challenges In Ambulatory Surgery Coding Services?

Let’s look at how & why Ambulatory Surgery Coding is difficult:

Finding Expert Coders:

Many health services provided in ASC don’t require a hospital visit. This makes Ambulatory Surgery Coding Services quite a task. Because ambulatory coding is different from others, finding extraordinarily educated coders in this specific field can be difficult. Choosing Eminence RCM for ASC with its well-equipped coders can be a step in the right direction.

Dedicated Time:

Coders very well understand that coding in this field demands time. The services have to be delivered quickly. There is no time to go into details. Without deep knowledge and dedicated time, it is not possible to accurately do Ambulatory Surgery Coding and Billing process.

Frequent Coding Changes

What makes Coding in Ambulatory Surgery even more complicated is the frequent changes in coding guidelines. Your in-house coders have to be well-equipped and updated about the frequent changes in in-patient and out-patient codes. It is quite difficult for the coders to keep up with the changes particularly when the changes are in-depth and so frequent.

The team at Eminence RCM is well-versed with all the codes and keep updating themselves with every change that takes place.

Outsource Your Ambulatory Coding To Eminence RCM

The best solution to the above Ambulatory Challenges is to outsource the entire process to the expert team of Eminence RCM. As you outsource the process, you are provided with comprehensive billing and coding services for your ASC. The main aim is to ensure that you get every penny that you are entitled to. We have a team of certified coders well-versed in Ambulatory billing rules and regulations. So that you can focus on providing expert patient care while we focus on imparting expert billing solutions to revamp your revenue cycle.

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