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Healthcare Analytics from Medical Healthcare Solutions

Through comprehensive dashboard analytics, financial & clinical data that becomes available weekly, accurate reporting creates a path for leadership. This helps to make the most informed decisions.

Bringing standardization to your practice ensures a consistent patient experience. Creating repeatable practices within your organization improves the quality of care, increasing both physician and patient satisfaction.

Our team of skilled medical billers and coders is exceptionally knowledgeable on multiple chemotherapy administrations, code bundling, and shifting compliance regulations. Our system for revenue cycle management is comprehensive and provides maximum reimbursements.

Our USP in Business Analytics

Our USP in Business Analytics Includes the following:

I. Predictive industry analytics – making use of statistical evidence, recommendations can be made that result in more advantageous outcomes.

II. Business model evaluation and optimization – through modelling, evaluate how any alterations to your current business model might impact future performance either negatively or positively. Use progressive iterations to achieve the optimal model for your circumstances.

III. Daily data analysis – by using the most current medical data available, your staff can make the most informed and accurate decisions, resulting in the most favorable outcomes.

IV. Enhanced business performance – with optimal capacity utilization and significantly enhanced patient service, your business performance will steadily increase. New opportunities for improvement will be identified so that even greater efficiencies can be achieved.

Healthcare Analytic Tools You Need That Eminence Serves You With!

No more time spent on manual analysis and reporting! Our team will help you analyze data in the following categories:

  • Accounts receivable
  • Payer performance
  • Practice benchmarking
  • Profitability
  • Quality care

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