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Inspiring Stories

  • B. Leuchter
    Lucas E. Adolph
    <p>Eminence RCM is more than just a billing service provider to us. The most unique thing about them is their confidence to effectively manage our revenue cycle. I love the fact that they are very well aware of the intricacies of chiropractic medical billing and work dedicatedly towards the success of our clinic. The support I receive throughout the process. We are truly thankful for the stable financial health of our practice.</p>
  • Harold Z
    Dr. William W. Adams
    <p>Eminence RCM has become a valued partner in all our coding and billing operations. We started our partnership with a view to transforming the revenue cycle. And that is exactly what they did. The work they do is truly great. </p> <p>They offer experienced, qualified, professional staff at affordable rates. We loved their constant focus on our ROI and the quality of their work. </p>
  • Steve Aronson
    Liam Galland
    <p>I am saying from my personal experience that Eminence RCM is truly a perfect partner to have as a physician. They are knowledgeable, reliable, and honest medical billing experts to me. Since I have partnered with them, our healthcare practice has witnessed growth to a sustainable level. We are truly grateful for the teamwork mentality of the experts. </p>

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