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Over the years, we have transformed the fortune of multiple healthcare facilities using our keen vision & innovation

With automated workflows, and tech expertise we dedicatedly improve service delivery, reduced operational costs, increased ROI, and maximized efficiency. We understand the importance of professional billing services and that is what helps us maintain & improve our proficiency.
Eminence Healthcare is a fully autonomous medical billing company in USA that has obtained ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification, specializing in providing innovative and comprehensive solutions to healthcare organizations of all sizes.

Medical billing services in usa

We are a hub of medical Billing Services in USA

Understanding the needs & problems faced by healthcare facilities, Eminence RCM decided to offer an array of Medical Billing Services.

Medical billing company

Physician Billing Services

Our Physician Billing Services guarantee timely and accurate claim filing with quick and efficient expertise with advanced technology.
RCM Services

Oncology Billing

Oncology billing demands specialist knowledge due to the complexity of the codes. To receive the correct reimbursement

DMEPOS Services

We provide DMEPOS billing services by leveraging our Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial Plan reimbursement guidelines expertise.

HME Billing Services

We provide efficient HME services. Our experts analyze and drive at the possibility of increasing your revenue with proven methodologies.
Eligibility/Authorization Services

Eligibility/Authorization Services

Our highly trained staff performs eligibility verification of benefits and Authorization service to avoid delays/ errors in insurance coverage.

AR & Denials Management Services

Our service module and over the top metrics help us scrutinize your data efficiently & effectively.

When choosing a partner to handle back-end functions in the medical industry, a crucial factor is their success rate in adjudicating claims on the first submission. This metric directly correlates to faster payment processing and substantial enhancements to the financial statements Contact Us For More Information


Eminence Healthcare Services are Dedicated to Offer Excellence

Professionals at Your Service

We possess the requisite expertise to effectively address the healthcare needs of clients and their patients, rendering us the optimal and favored option.

Successful Track Record

Our interventions have demonstrated efficacy in facilitating our clients to achieve superior performance while enhancing revenue and augmenting cash flow.

Demonstrable Results

Eminence Healthcare Services exhibits a superior success rate compared to other industry leaders in the healthcare sector, we ace professionalism with expertise.

How Can We Help?

Please feel welcome to contact our friendly reception staff with any general or medical enquiry. Our doctors will receive or return any urgent calls.

Client's Who Love Us !

  • B. Leuchter
    Lucas E. Adolph
    <p>Eminence RCM is more than just a billing service provider to us. The most unique thing about them is their confidence to effectively manage our revenue cycle. I love the fact that they are very well aware of the intricacies of chiropractic medical billing and work dedicatedly towards the success of our clinic. The support I receive throughout the process. We are truly thankful for the stable financial health of our practice.</p>
  • Harold Z
    Dr. William W. Adams
    <p>Eminence RCM has become a valued partner in all our coding and billing operations. We started our partnership with a view to transforming the revenue cycle. And that is exactly what they did. The work they do is truly great. </p> <p>They offer experienced, qualified, professional staff at affordable rates. We loved their constant focus on our ROI and the quality of their work. </p>
  • Steve Aronson
    Liam Galland
    <p>I am saying from my personal experience that Eminence RCM is truly a perfect partner to have as a physician. They are knowledgeable, reliable, and honest medical billing experts to me. Since I have partnered with them, our healthcare practice has witnessed growth to a sustainable level. We are truly grateful for the teamwork mentality of the experts. </p>

Why Should Eminence Heathcare Services be your 1st, Choice?

Eminence Healthcare is not merely a medical billing company, but we are that nutrition, that owns the capability to power your facility by 10x.

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